Custom screw

Date : 2019-05-09

Screws are a common term for fasteners. Used for connection and fastening. Screws are indispensable industrial necessities in daily life: very small screws used in cameras, glasses, clocks, electronics, etc . general screws for televisions, electrical products, musical instruments, furniture, etc . as for Large screws and nuts are used in engineering, construction, and bridges; large and small screws are used in transportation equipment, airplanes, trams, and automobiles. Screws have important tasks in industry. As long as there is industry on the earth, the function of screws is always important. The screw is a common invention in people's production and life for thousands of years. According to the field of application, it is the first invention of mankind.


In order to keep up with the globalization and industrial upgrades, Evergreen Group has put great efforts into three dimensions:

1. In house production facilities. Including: Wire Drawing, Screw forming, Coating, Heat- Treatment, and Optical Inspection. In house production let Evergreen Group has better control of the product quality.

2. All the production process meets the safety and environment protection standard. All product is followed ROHS&RECH requirement.

3. We use ERP and Barcode system to improve our quality control. Evergreen Group can easily track materials and production processes through systems. By using systems, we not only improves company management but also provides better service for our customers.