Consumer Electronics class

Date : 2019-05-09

Consumer electronics refers to electronic products for daily consumer life.

In this industry, the development of science and technology is changing with each passing day, and the upgrade is frequent. A large number of new products are launched almost every month. This has become a hot area for product design. Various design companies have set up 3C departments to specialize For design and development, businesses must also continuously launch new products and increase the speed of product delivery, which poses challenges to manufacturers' R & D capabilities and short-term manufacturing capabilities. As a producer of raw materials, how to stand out from many suppliers is also very important. From the collection of raw materials, confirmation, production, quality inspection, and mechanical commissioning, we will strictly control each link in the middle, and complete each link in a professional, pragmatic and efficient manner. All of our actions are carried out "serving customers" and "creating value for customers" to quickly advance work and respond to customer needs.


In order to provide quality products, Evergreen Group has invested more than 400,000 USD in testing facilities, such as coating thickness tester, hardness tester and temperature & humidity chamber, etc ..... We believes that our investment in these inspection facilities will bring great benifits to our customers.