Car class

Date : 2019-05-09

A small screw is not important to many people, but the effect it brings is very great. China has become a major automobile consumer, with an average of about 1,500 fasteners for a car, and the assembly time of each vehicle bolt is 2.5h-3.2h. It can be seen that automobile and automotive fasteners have a very important impact on the quality of the entire vehicle. The screws, nuts, spring clips, etc. used in automobiles can be called automobile fasteners, which start the connection and fixation between various accessories. A small screw is almost trivial, but its effect is very large.

We usually see a lot of news or reports, such as the explosion of an airplane or the accident caused by a car for no reason, causing many casualties, and some are caused by loose screws in some mechanical equipment in the machinery factory. Employee injuries. Many of these are related to loose screws or screws falling off. If the screws are used for a long time and the screws are loose and not adjusted in time, serious consequences will occur. Or the quality of the screw itself is relatively poor, and nobody knows in the factory. That could also cause a lot of surprises.

Automotive fasteners are based on the basic characteristics of a wide variety, various types and different specifications.The selection and use of automotive fasteners involves structural analysis, connection design, failure and fatigue analysis, corrosion requirements and assembly methods, and related product quality control. These factors, such as tests, have largely determined the final quality and reliability of automotive products.

In order to keep up with the globalization and industrial upgrades, Evergreen Group has put great efforts into three dimensions:

1. In house production facilities. Including: Wire Drawing, Screw forming, Coating, Heat-Treatment, and Optical Inspection. In house production let Evergreen Group has bettercontrol of the product quality.

2. All the production process meets the safety and environment protection standard. All product is followed ROHS & RECH requirement.

3. We use ERP and Barcode system to improve our quality control. Evergreen Group can easily track materials and production processes through systems. By using systems, we not only improves company management but also provides better service for our customers.